KFC is Discounting its Vegan Burger, But Only for Today

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this year KFC jumped in on vegan food, serving up a vegan-friendly burger that used the chain's almost-mythical status herbs and spices. It's pretty good, really, though it's not quite as crispy and KFC-like as the chicken version.  Still if you were planning on getting one, today's the day.

To celebrate the fact that Veganuary is over, and the fact that its sold one million vegan burgers in its first month (one every three seconds), KFC has dropped 50% off the price. Normally it would cost you £4 for the burger, now it costs £2. But only for today.

The point is to show people that being vegan isn't just for January, and you just need to head into KFC and ask for the "Vegan Day" offer to get your discount.

If anyone cares, the place where the vegan burger sold best was no surprise: it was hipster central Shoreditch, closely followed by Nottingham, London Waterloo, Brighton, and Manchester.