Twitter's Got Beef With a Liverpool Restaurant for Having a 'Ladies' Steak on the Menu

By Shabana Arif on at

A restaurant in Liverpool made the stupid mistake in 2015 to roll out a smaller steak on its menu in response to the large number of women asking for it, without contemplating how offensive it would be half a decade later. Idiots.

The concept of 'gendered' products doesn't need to be a huge issue in the majority of instances, but as it case with a generation of people who spend a lot of time on the internet, why move along without comment when you see something that clearly isn't for you, and that other people might enjoy, when you can go shit all over it because you and other like-minded people who the product also isn't aimed want to tell everyone as much.

Let's be clear here - this is a different issue to the Pink Tax, where women's products that are essentially the same as men's cost more for no good reason. That's a reason to get up in arms. But if the notion of 'girly' products itself offends you, get over it and leave the people that do enjoy such things to it.

Unfortunately, New York-inspired Liverpool restaurant, Manhattan Bar and Grill, isn't being left to its own devices as its menu has been shared all over Twitter for advertising an 8oz 'Ladies Fillet' steak.

Managing director of the restaurant, Karl Hassan, said the steak has been on the menu "since day one (2015)" but seems to indicate that it acquired its name after that, saying, "due to high demand from a lot of our female customers, we named it, the Ladies Fillet. It’s a very, very popular dish and one of our best selling steaks from the Grill."

Speaking to The Independent, he said:

"We gave our female customers what they wanted. They wanted a smaller fillet steak: we gave it to them.

Liverpool hosts the biggest race meeting in the world – the Grand National. We name the first day of the event Ladies Day. So the Grand National has Ladies Day and Manhattan Bar and Grill has the Ladies Fillet!"

It doesn't look like Karl knows which came first - the steak or the name - but ultimately, does it even matter? There are women out there who won't find this offensive. Maybe even women who might not be able to put away a 10oz steak and don't feel insulted by seeing a 'steak for ladies' on the menu. Personally, I think it's a bloody stupid name, and while I'd order a smaller cut, I'd still be irked. Just call it an 8oz steak. But I'm clearly not the demographic here, because I also find the restaurant's Twitter responses to the news coverage cringey as all hell, so I can safely say this isn't the venue for me:

The social media account is obviously being run by the creepy uncle of this "small family run business". Dude is on a roll over there.

There's a line between ignoring companies serving up gender-centric products for a customer base that's not you, and standing up when you see companies charging women more for a product just because it's for the ladies. In this instance, the Ladies Fillet is at a reasonable price point compared to the other cuts on the menu, and the business seems to be doing well with it. Don't like it? Don't eat there. Nonexistent problem solved. [Metro]

Feature image credit: Unsplash