Lego's Teasing People by Pretending to Sell Lighting Kits for Big Sets

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lego lighting kits have been around for a while, with the goal of making the bigger sets more visually appealing with a variety of coloured LEDs and wiring. Now it seems Lego might want to get in on that business for itself, and it's kicked things off by teasing people about the prospect.

Over on Brickset they have images of 'Night Mode' light kits that have been put on display at the Lego World Copenhagen event. Boxes there include kits for the Downtown Diner, Tree House, Hogwarts, and the Ford Mustang. Exciting, right? It means you could get lights from Lego, earn VIP points, and not have to risk buying from a random online retailer you've never heard of.

Alas it's not to be, because Lego has confirmed that these boxes are not real products. Despite having boxes on display with prices, the company has said that all those boxes are empty.

Apparently they were put on display by Lego's Lead User Lab, as a way of gauging consumer interest in the product and getting some feedback. Which is a little bit weird, but I guess Lego is a business and it needs to know there's potential to make money on this sort of thing.

You can check out images of the boxes over at Brickset, and obviously this is the kind of thing you want to see you should let Lego know. Tweeting at them might work. [Brickset]

Featured image: Light My Bricks, which does actually sell lighting kits for popular Lego sets.