The Mandalorian's Ship, The Razor Crest, is Getting the Lego Treatment and Baby Yoda's Coming Along for the Ride

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ever since The Mandalorian arrived on Disney+ back in November, people have been wondering why Lego never bothered to make a version of the bounty hunter's ship. Well, at least I did. Thankfully Lego hasn't forgotten, and it'll be released as a proper Lego set in September - and Baby Yoda is getting his own little minifig.

The Lego version of the Razor Crest has been added to the Lego store, with a release scheduled for 1st September - which is an age to wait, especially since it's only the third Lego set to spin out of The Mandalorian and the only one to include Baby Yoda.

Love me, you will

It's going to cost £120, comes with 1,023 pieces, and measures 14cm high, 38cm long, and 28cm wide. It also features five minifigures: The Mandalorian himself, Carl Weathers, IG-11, that arsehole Scout Trooper, and Baby Yoda.

The Razor Crest also shoots missiles like many other Lego Star Wars sets, a cargo hold with "carbonite bounty hunting elements", an escape pod that we haven't seen on the show yet, and a sleeping area. Because Baby Yoda needs his naps.

Sadly the Mandalorian's armour is the same as the one included in the AT-ST raider set, which means no upgraded beskar armour for him.