Lego's VIP Sweepstakes are Now Open, With a Rare 'Shazam' Minifig Up For Grabs

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lego has a nasty habit of producing stuff in limited quantities, and it ends up super-valuable as a result because people are scrambling to get one. San Diego Comic Con is one such event that gets all these Lego exclusives, including unique minifigures that would look good in anyone's collection.

Now, though, Lego is giving VIPs the option to try and win one of them. Specifically the Shazam minifigure from 2012's show.

Until last year this was the only way you could get a minifigure version of DC's magical hero, and a quick look on eBay shows me that there's one available in its original packaging for a whopping £360. It's nearly £350 on Bricklink too.

There are other cheaper ones that use the same design, though a quick look tells me that they're knock offs. So in other words, this is your chance to get something exceptionally rare and valuable to show off to all your Lego-loving friends.

The catch is that the sweepstakes are only open to Lego VIP members, and each entry costs 50 points. You're only allowed to claim 15 entries, meaning you'll have to drop 750 of your hard-earned VIP points for your best chance of winning. You need to spend £94 on Lego to accumulate that many points, though 800 points is only worth a £5 voucher so how much it's costing you all depends on how you look at it.

Presumably you have to spend the points as a way of stopping people from creating multiple accounts and trying to game the system.

The sweepstakes are open until 2nd March, after which everything shuts down and Lego will decide a winner. Best of luck to everyone, especially me.