You Can Now Spend Lego VIP Points on a 12 Month Odeon Cinema Discount

By Tom Pritchard on at

Going to the cinema is expensive, especially if you don't live near a cinema that's run by people who have given up and sell tickets for next to nothing. Which generally doesn't happen if you only live near an Odeon. Well there is some good news, since you can now get a 12 month discount on Odeon tickets by spending Lego VIP points.

You can grab up to 40% off tickets for up to two adults and six children, which is going to make a family trip to the cinema a hell of a lot cheaper than it is without – especially if you smuggle in your own sweets that you got in the Tesco down the road.

The pass costs 1,200 points to redeem, and you'll need to spend £150 on Lego to earn that many. That's a lot if you're new to Lego, but if you already have the points sitting in your account it's the equivalent of redeeming them for a £7.50 Lego voucher. £7.50 isn't a lot, and you'd probably get that back after a single cinema trip. Assuming you're not going by yourself, in which case you'll need to go back another couple of times.

The system works by emailing you an unique access code that you enter when signing up for an Odeon account. Then bingo, discounted tickets for a whole year.

If that's something you're interested in just head over to Lego's VIP Reward Centre and go through the process for yourself.

Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash