Libratone's New Speaker is an Adorable Little Birb

By Holly Brockwell on at

Audio brand Libratone is celebrating its tenth birthday, and instead of getting themselves a present, they've given us one in the form of the incredibly cute BIRD speaker.

Referencing the fact that Libratone's logo is a bird (bet you didn't know that), BIRD is a small, adorable Bluetooth bluebird (or pinkbird, if you prefer that colourway) speaker.

It launches this spring and would make a lovely Easter or Mother's Day present, but honestly, we're buying one for ourselves because LOOK AT IT.

The speaker includes touch controls, so you can turn its head (gently, we hope), tap its forehead or touch its tail. It's wireless, lasts 10 hours and weighs just 145g. It also has a magnetic base, so you can perch it on metal things. Aww.

There's also a separate holder if you want to give it "its own permanent nesting place."

BIRD works with voice assistants like Alexa, and you can connect two of them "to make them sing together." Seriously this might be the most squee-worthy press release we've ever got.

We'd have called it BIRB rather than BIRD because we're internet nerds, but otherwise we have no complaints.

BIRD is available now from Libratone's website for £59. They're going to fly off the shelves.