Maltesers Buttons Ruined by Adding Mint. And by Being Buttons

By Shabana Arif on at

For the first time ever, Maltesers are getting tainted with a flavour other than their malty chocolatey goodness.

I'm a big fan of Maltesers but have been blissfully unaware of the existence of the button variety - probably because it looks like someone sat on a bag of the proper round ones, fished them out from betwixt their butt cheeks, and popped them back in the packet. But they're still chocolate with malty bits inside, so carry on. This latest addition to the product lineup however sounds very questionable. It's mint. Minty, malty, chocolate balls.

Chocolate and mint? Great. Chocolate and malt? Fantastic. All three together? I don't know about that. But you can venture out for yourself and investigate next month

Maltesers Buttons debuted in 2018 and received the accolade of number one confectionery product of the year. The mint variety is sashaying into shops on March 9 in four formats. You can chose from a single-portion 32g bag for a very reasonable 66p, a 68g Treat Bag for £1.19, an 85g Treat Bag Extra Free which is more Maltesers for free as you may have worked out, so it's still £1.19, or a great big 102g Pouch for £2.09.

I'll probably start off small because I don't like people messing with my malt. Perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised and convert. I'll let you know next month.