The UK May Not Get Every Episode of the Mandalorian When Disney+ Launches

By Tom Pritchard on at

So The Mandalorian began its 'broadcast' schedule back in November when Disney+ first launched, with new episodes each week for the entirety of the series' eight episode run. Obviously the UK didn't get any official way of watching this, and neither did most of the world, which is probably why the show ended up near the top of the year's piracy charts.

Disney+ launches here at the end of next month, a decision that's infuriated many, and it looks as though there's another reason to be pissed off:The Mandalorian might not be available in full on March 24th.

The key phrase is "start to roll out", as in Disney won't have the entire series available in the UK at launch. Because common sense is clearly lacking at the Walt Disney Company, and they're completely oblivious to the fact that even more obstacles is not the way to get people to watch your series through legitimate channels.

I've moaned about Disney+'s release decisions before, and this is yet another example that suggests whoever is in charge of the service needs a good slap. Or replacing with someone who isn't a complete idiot.

Let's just hope this was a poor choice of words, and that The Mandalorian is available in full. Sure everyone will have pirated it already, but if Disney is willing to keep holding back on its flagship series it doesn't bode well for everything else that will launch in the US before 24th March.

In case you forgot, Disney+ is set to cost £6 a month at launch, and so far we haven't heard about any special money-saving pre-subscription deals like the US got. Which also sucks. [TechRadar]