McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce is Now on Sale and People are Actually Queuing Up for It

By Shabana Arif on at

McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce went on sale yesterday in laughably small 50ml pots, but the fast food chain was also giving away 200 bottles which may explain the size of the queues in Leicester Square.

The restaurant announced its plans to sell the pots of its Big Mac sauce last month, which don't seem to be limited to a specific amount per customer, and will only last as long each store's stocks do - which seems like a recipe for disaster. The 200 bottles were exclusive to the Leicester Square branch and sold out pretty quickly. The small pots are everywhere, so if you're salivating at the thought of drenching yourself or significant other in Special Sauce this Valentine's Day, there's still time to hotfoot it down to your local McDonald's and pick up a few.

Not everyone was thrilled with the decision to have the bottle be exclusive to a London store, because the city seems to be the epicentre of the world for marketing and PR folks, which didn't sit well on Twitter. The lucky ducks that did manage to nab a bottle are already flogging them on eBay, with one absolute lunatic failing to read the room and sticking a £250 price tag on it.

Michelle Graham-Clare, VP of food & marketing, McDonald’s UK & Ireland, said:

"For years, customers have been desperate to get their hands on the world-famous Big Mac Special Sauce, many have attempted to recreate it at home to no avail. So we are delighted to finally bring these dipping pots to the UK and Ireland. We are looking forward to seeing the imaginative ways our customers attempt to ‘Mac It Better’ in kitchens across the UK, by adding our iconic Special Sauce to their breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

The sauce pots will be around for six weeks or until they sell out. I think we can all guess which of those is happening first. McDonald's is going so far as to recommend people take the sauce home and add it to real food. That's the craziest thing I've heard all day. And I just suggested using it in sex play a few paragraphs ago. Suggestions (for the food) include dribbling it over your steak, a pizza, and mac & cheese. Good luck getting your hands on one.