McDonald's is Doing Pancakes All Day Today

By Holly Brockwell on at

The greatest food day of the year has finally arrived. It's pancake day, and to celebrate, McDonald's is allowing you to buy their superb breakfast pancakes all day for the first time ever.

Last year, if you recall, they extended breakfast time to 11am to give you a bit more time to get your 'cakes. But this year, they're chucking the time restrictions in the bin with the first pancake, meaning although other breakfast stuff won't be available past 11, you can have pancakes with syrup all damn day.

Not only are they available in McDonald's branches, but you can also get your pancakes from Uber Eats, which is doing free delivery over a fiver with the code PANCAKESALLDAY. Truly, this is the greatest of days.

If you're lacking in ideas for what to do with all those pancakes (as if), a cringetastic video starring Charlie Sloth suggests you try using them as the bun on your Big Mac, wrapping your Chicken Selects in them, or dipping them in your McFlurry:

The RRP of a set of three pancakes with syrup is £2.49, but McDonald's is a franchise so you might find higher or lower prices near you depending on how generous your local proprietor is feeling. That does of course mean to get over the £5 Uber Eats minimum, you're either going to have to order three sets of pancakes or splash out on some other items.

Don't forget to grab your free pancakes at Bella Italia today, too. Happy Shrove Tuesday, folks. [Metro]