McDonald's Has Made Quarter Pounder Scented Candles

By Holly Brockwell on at

Today in "news so ridiculous it could only be true," McDonald's US has made a set of scented candles for each of the key ingredients of a Quarter Pounder, meaning if you light them all at the same time, you can smell the burger.

The candle flavours are:

  • The bun (what does a bun smell like?!)
  • Tomato ketchup (can people who are allergic to tomatoes light this candle?)
  • Pickles (aka the dreaded gherkin)
  • Cheese (so it's a Quarter Pounder with Cheese)
  • Onion (aka your local takeaway)
  • Beef (beef candle sounds like a euphemism)

The candles are part of a new range of merchandise to celebrate the Quarter Pounder's 50-year anniversary (that's two quarter-centuries, so we reckon they should have done a Half Pounder instead. Nom).

The other products in the range – which is available exclusively from a separate McDonald's merch site called Golden Arches Unlimited that sadly doesn't sell to the UK – are:

  • A 2020 Quarter Pounder Calendar
  • A 'Quarter Pounder with Love' locket full of pictures of the burger
  • A sticker that says "I'd rather be eating a Quarter Pounder with Cheese"
  • Couples' mittens
  • A Quarter Pounder fan club t-shirt
  • A Quarter Pounder fan club pin badge

And of course the candles, which are still marked as "coming soon." This means we don't yet know how much the set will cost, although if it's more than the burger, maybe just buy the burger and sniff it.

It also doesn't look like you can buy the candles individually, which is a shame because we'd have to immediately throw the gherkin one out. [CNN]