Tidal Lagoon Power Efforts Switch to the River Mersey

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon plan may have flopped due to money issues a couple of years back, but now there's fresh impetus behind a new scheme to deliver power from reliable daily tidal action and an all-new potential location: Merseyside.

The mayor for the Liverpool City Region is asking the government to approve a modest investment of £2.5m to initiate planning concepts and decide between a lagoon or barrage system, with the idea being that a full tidal power installation costing many of today's billions would provide clean energy for the region and create a template to be used around the rest of this island nation. The mayor's already had someone doing the sums, and said: "So far our work shows that Mersey Tidal Power could generate enough energy for up to 1 million homes, create thousands of jobs and make our region Britain's renewable energy coast."

Mayor Steve Rotheram is frustrated that governmental funding models that would ultimately give the scheme a yes or no only cover 35-year payback periods at the most, because he thinks a Merseyside build could result in a tidal lagoon capable of operating for more than 100 years; so new methods of calculating costs and benefits ought to be used, if the government's as serious about investing in projects wholly outside of London as it says. [NCE/Liverpool Echo]

Image credit: Unsplash