M&S's Percy Pig Pancakes Have Upset the Internet

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's a hard life being a brand manager on social media these days. You can't do anything right.

That's probably how M&S's Facebook manager is feeling after posting some light-hearted pancake day content that upset the snowflakes of the comment section.

The fancypants supermarket has unveiled a range of dessert sauces for pancakes and other such delicacies, one of which is Percy Pig flavoured. We don't really want to think about how poor Percy ends up in the sauce, but surely we can all agree it sounds delicious in an unhealthy way.

Well, as ever with branded Facebook pages, the comments disagreed.

Responses included:

  • "Sorry M&S but pancakes should have sugar and lemon on nothing else. PS love the yellow flavoured sweets, could have done with that as it’s a lemon sauce."
  • "This looks totally sickly. We're having lemon and sugar although we do sometimes have orange juice with brandy."
  • "I thought M&S we’re trying to encourage healthier eating so why a sugary sauce(presumably) and sweets. A dessert aimed at children!!!"
  • "What happened to simple, but delicious pancakes with a sprinkling of sugar and some lemon juice? Why does everything have to be so faffy and fancy-looking today?"
  • "I thought the nation should be trying to lose weight but everywhere I look there are adverts for huge helpings of calorific food 😣"

And so it continues.

There were also many, many, many comments bewailing the new taste of Percy Pigs after the recipe was tweaked to make it vegan-friendly, which as you can imagine has upset many Percy fans who think they've been attacked by the "food police" (not making this up).

And of course the people who use any post as an opportunity to complain about something else entirely:

Honestly, folks, what do you want from your brand managers? For them to post a photo of the same pancake with lemon and sugar every year? To stop making new products? To turn the page over to you so you can post your complaints all day, every day, since you apparently have nothing better to do?!

If you're going to whinge at M&S about pancake toppings, can we talk about that bottle of Lemon, Gin & Tonic sauce in the first photo? Now that's a crime against food. Blergh. [Manchester Evening News]