The National Trust Burys Cadbury's Eggs For Good

By Gary Cutlack on at

Health campaigners and religious sorts have long found it odd that the National Trust encourages the consumption of Cadbury-brand chocolate eggs each year, as part of a series of nationwide Easter egg hunts it's been organising on its sites for more than a decade. That association is going to end from 2021, though, as the Trust seeks a method not involving chocolate bribery to get the young through its gates.

A spokesperson for the Trust said: "Now is the time for change as we look to increase our emphasis on nature and the outdoors. To reflect that in our Easter activities, from next year we will be making chocolate less of a focus." There's still one last time to get angry about it this year, mind, as a full schedule of outdoor chocolate eating is planned across the Trust's sites for the 2020 Easter season. If they're even allowed to use the E-word nowadays, eh, lads?

Good luck trying to get today's youth outside to find apples or colour in an A4 guide to all the interesting sorts of catkin to be found within the grounds on a bracing April morning. Even dad would rather sit in his warm car on the 3G if there are no sweets in it. [BBC]