New Quality Street Chocolate is the First for 85 Years

By Holly Brockwell on at

The words 'Quality Street' don't often come up in conversation in February, but it seems Nestlé would like to remind us it exists now that the Christmas season has well and truly passed.

A new range called Quality Street Intrigue is the first addition to the brand in almost 85 years, which we're hoping means it's the most delicious thing of all time.

The range is made up of three types of truffles "inspired by classic Quality Street flavours" and arrives on shelves this week. The flavours are Salted Caramel, Praline and Orange, and they all come in 200g boxes containing 20 individually-wrapped truffles for about a fiver.

Rebecca Holt, Brand Manager for Quality Street says between noms:

"Quality Street is a much-loved UK brand; and we know many fans would love to enjoy more of it all year round. That’s why we’ve created a product that will enable consumers to experience Quality Street in a brand-new way.

With Intrigue, we’ve taken the essence of Quality Street and added a contemporary twist. Intrigue combines classic Quality Street elements such as praline, caramel and fruit, with a delicious truffle centre. Perfect as a gift whatever the occasion, we think this new product is very special indeed. We hope it will delight Quality Street fans as well as introduce new consumers to the brand."

This translates as, "our bosses challenged us to find a way to make people buy Quality Street when it's not Christmas, and this is what we came up with. PLEASE BUY THEM."

The Intrigue Orange Truffles "provide a tantalising burst of citrus, coated in milk chocolate and sprinkled with orange-flavoured pieces." Confusingly, they're not the ones in the bright orange packaging – that's caramel. You want the red ones.

Intrigue Salted Caramel Truffles, meanwhile, are a "tribute to the iconic Mackintosh caramel toffee which was the forerunner to Quality Street." They have "a salted caramel flavoured centre and milk chocolate coating, dipped in crunchy salted caramel pieces." They're in the orange box:

And finally, Intrigue Praline Truffles are apparently "inspired by two of the nation’s favourite Quality Street varieties - the Green Triangle and the Purple One." They "feature a smooth praline truffle centre encased in a milk chocolate shell and covered in hazelnut pieces" and come in a confusingly green box, which would suggest mint, but no.

Just to make it all extra-confusing, the Salted Caramel and Praline flavours will be in Morrisons and Asda from the start of next month, then Tesco from April, but the Orange ones are exclusive to Asda. Make sure you check the flavour carefully before you take 'em to the checkout, those boxes are not helpful.