Papa John's Wants Women to Propose with £5,000 Dough-Encrusted Cufflinks

By Holly Brockwell on at

Since 2020 is a leap year, the patriarchal rules of our society graciously allow women in hetero relationships to propose to their men on the extra day (29th February). Although of course there are no laws against it and they can actually propose any time they damn well please.

To take advantage of the leap year opportunity, Papa John's has created a set of 18K gold pizza-shaped cufflinks worth £5,000, and they'd like you to propose with them.

Bizarrely, the cufflinks – made by DC Jewellery in Hatton Garden – actually have some Papa John's pizza dough in them, apparently "hidden within the Ruby and Tsavorite-encrusted surface." What? How? Won't it go off eventually? What is life?

The pizzas on the cufflinks are American Hot flavour, if you were wondering.

Papa John’s Marketing Director, Giles Codd – who should clearly be working for Harry Ramsden's – says:

"We wanted to create something unique to celebrate the leap year and we think our 18k gold cufflinks are the perfect combination of romance and innovation.

We never thought we’d be able to incorporate our dough into jewellery, but it’s happened, and we’re excited to contribute towards making one couple’s dream proposal come true."

So how do you win the coveted golden pizzas, you ask? Well:

To enter the competition, women who are keen to make the leap with their love this year must submit their love stories on how they met their partner to this email address by 25th February 2020. The winner will then be contacted with the good news. Remember, the cheesier the story, the better.

If you win, you get the whole Papa's Engagement package, which includes the cufflinks, a photographer, champagne and free pizza. Honestly, free pizza is the best possible start to a marriage.

Founder of DC Jewellery Daniel Christopher comments:

"We loved playing our part in the creation of these bespoke Papa John’s ‘crust’-links. We’re passionate about jewellery and making each piece as special and truly one-of-a-kind as possible."

They certainly are that, Daniel. They certainly are that.