Pets Left Without Food After Automated Feeder Goes Down for a Week

By Holly Brockwell on at

Another automated pet feeder has had a major outage and left pets without food, reminding us all not to trust these things with the lives of our animals.

The feeders, made by Petnet, stopped working for over a week. Angry tweets suggested some pets didn't get any food for that entire time, which honestly is as much on the owner as it is on the company.

This is the second time Petnet feeders have had a severe outage, the first time being in 2016. Why people have continued to buy them despite the fact that they cost over £200, have appalling reviews on Amazon and can't be trusted is beyond us.

Sounds great, better give them my £200!

It doesn't seem like the company is long for this world in any case, with many complaints about not receiving responses from customer service and the BBC's email actually bouncing back. The main Petnet Twitter account hasn't tweeted at all this year, and the support one has only tweeted about two outages.

Thankfully it doesn't sound like any pets were badly harmed as a result of the most recent outage, but it serves as a good reminder that regardless of how sophisticated these products get, you're still relying on tech to keep your animal alive, and that is just not a good idea. Nothing works flawlessly forever. Feed your pets yourself, or if you absolutely have to use these things, check they're actually dispensing food, yes? [BBC]