Petrol and Diesel Car Sales Ban Brought Forward to 2035

By Gary Cutlack on at

Life for the Sunday Times' car reviewer is going to become significantly more painful should he still be employed in the year 2035, as that's the new and improved deadline for the UK's great petrol and diesel car retail switch off.

The prime minister confirmed the five-year-sooner date to the end of sales of combustion vehicles today, in a presentation launching theĀ UK-hosted UN climate summit. The decarbonisation plan (de CAR bonisation) includes both vans and hybrid vehicles now too, and could happen sooner than 2035, should the results of a forthcoming consultation with all the relevant industries deem a faster transition to a full EV nation feasible instead of laughable.

Despite the event taking place today, the actual UN Climate Change ConferenceĀ it refers to isn't happening until November, giving the world another year in which to continue along its current path to potential destruction. You'd think they could book out a hall sooner than that, if it's so important. [GOV]