Looks Like the Pixel 5 Will Have Reverse Charging

By Holly Brockwell on at

We're still a very long way off from the Google Pixel 5 launch, but the leaks and hints have nonetheless started coming through.

First, Google itself accidentally confirmed the phone's existence and presumed name, then a potential handset design for the phone leaked on YouTube.

Now, since the Android 11 (remember, no more desserts) developer beta became available on Pixels, nerds around the world have been picking through the code for any secret features, and they found something.

According to XDADevelopers, buried deep in the code is a reference to "Battery Share Mode," which strongly suggests the Pixel 5 will include reverse wireless charging – in other words, the ability to act as a wireless charger for other phones, as well as accessories like earbuds and smartwatches.

The addition of reverse wireless charging rather suggests the Pixel 5 will have battery to share, which hopefully means Google has vastly improved on the disappointing battery performance of the Pixel 4.

The battery share menu apparently states:

"Your phone's battery will run out faster when using battery share. Battery share works with compatible ear buds, watches, phones and more."

We already know about new Pixel Buds – does this mean Google will be creating a Pixel Watch too?

We're also expecting a wide-angle lens on the Pixel 5 based on the leaks so far, and because we're optimists (and the phone will be out late into 2020, after the upcoming Pixel 4a), 5G too. Please, Google? You took away our puddings, you can give us this. [Techradar]