Grab Fate by the Golden Balls and Win £1k Worth of Grub From Pizza Express

By Shabana Arif on at

Fancy nabbing yourself a grand's worth of free pizza? Then join the hunt for a golden ticket ball, kicking off on National Pizza Day this weekend.

To celebrate its 55th birthday, Pizza Express is running a promo that will see eager participants running around major cities in the UK looking for a golden ball that looks a bit like the Golden Snitch, sans wings. It's all a bit Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Harry Potter, but there's no factory full of horrors or snot-nosed kids to fend off. The golden dough balls can be found lying around in the open, in random Deliveroo orders, or in promotional dough ball packs at retail.

There are 55 balls out there in total; 35 are part of the Ball Drop Hunt, stashed away in outdoor public locations in London, Nottingham, Brighton, Belfast, Bath, Leeds, and Liverpool, and won't be in close proximity to Pizza Express restaurants; 12 will be in Deliveroo orders in Cardiff (February 15 - 16), Edinburgh (February 29 - March 1), and Plymouth (March 14 - 15); the remaining eight will be in promo packs of dough balls at whichever supermarket you find them in.

There's a QR code inside the ball, and you have to be the first person to claim it. So if someone is playing silly buggers, scans the code, and leaves it behind, you're going to be shit out of luck if you come along, spot it, and think you're onto a winner.

The Pizza Express Instagram account will be dropping clues via its stories, so you'll want to follow it if you fancy joining the hunt. If precious gemstones are more your thing, don't forget that Costa Coffee is giving you the chance to win one of five rubies, each worth £5k, with Deliveroo orders of its new Ruby Cocoa Hot Chocolate.

You can redeem the £1,000 e-gift card for 24 months after it's been issued, although you can't use it for online orders if that makes a difference at all. The campaign is running between February 9, National Pizza Day, and March 27, the restaurant's 55th anniversary. Go get those balls! [Pizza Express via Metro]