Please Enjoy Taika Waititi Shitting on Apple Keyboards at the Oscars

By Tegan Jones on at

JoJo Rabbit was up for six Oscars on Monday and managed to take home Best Adapted Screenplay. But while these honours are all well and good, there was something else on the mind of the film's writer and director, Taika Waititi.

According to Waititi, who also plays Hitler in the film, Apple needs to fix its damn keyboards.

Waititi's displeasure with iMacs was revealed when he was asked what writers should be asking for in the upcoming Writer's Guild of America (WGA) talks.

While one might expect the subject of pay and rights to come up in regards to union negotiations, Waititi chose absolutely annihilate the Apple keyboard for a full minute instead.

"Apple needs to fix those keyboards. They're impossible to write on. They've gotten worse. They make me want to go back to PCs" said Waititi.

After asking the press pit for a show of hands in regards to who uses a PC, the director continued the sledging the keyboards, stating that they don't help his back and tendon problems

"The WGA needs to step in and do something."

You can watch the entire deluge below thanks to Variety.

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