Royal Mail Immortalises James Bonds Old and New on Stamps

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mail has revealed what it declares to be an "action-packed" new set of stamps, with ten of the little letter money things coming on March 17 and containing images of six Bond actors –  and even the niche charms of George Lazenby, star of 1969 cult favourite They Only Let Him Do One.

A further four stamps celebrate Bond's Q Branch hardware, including the white submarine Lotus that made the best toy of the entire 1970s even after you accidentally swallowed all the bits it shot out, plus the entirely unbelievable jetpack from Thunderball. Here's the only way to see them, as no one gets letters than haven't been soulessly machine franked any more:

Hence the only way to own them is to buy them new and direct, and to perhaps demonstrate how flash and a bit like James Bond you are by getting the six actor one in a frame for £30 that'll look great on the wall of your London* townhouse**, or a massive one of The Living Daylights for £70. That's supposed to be limited, but no one's going to want a Dalton. [Royal Mail]