There's a New Type of Sainsbury's For Just Lunch

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sainsbury's is about to try to take ownership of the term "on the go" with a new type of supermarket, one designed solely for people who visit at lunch hours to browse the combination meal deals.

The first of the rethought Sainsbury's On The Go stores has opened in London's Mansion House, with a further nine new format outlets coming to other London sites and Edinburgh, Bristol and Glasgow this spring, redesigning older Local branches. They're designed to "match the needs of busy city workers" so mainly sell small things that fit in briefcases and fresh lunches, with the innovation of "perch tables" added for shoppers to sit down and immediately eat their purchases, should their workplace frown upon the eating of baguettes over the office computers.

There's even a superfast service station branded a "grab and go" area at the front of the store, for people who like to present as too busy to even sit down to eat like when marathon runners grab for a water bottle at mile 17 without slowing down, which'll be refreshed three times a day with simple options you can eat out of the wrapping with one hand for breakfast, lunch and... afternoon tea. Although surely afternoon tea is for wimps?

Oh look, a union flag, so maybe they won't sell baguettes. And no way are those bananas British, not unless they've done a supply deal with the Eden Project. [Sainsbury's via Retail Gazette]