Samsung Accidentally Texted The World

By Tegan Jones on at

Someone seems to have accidentally pressed a wrong button at Samsung. On Thursday Galaxy users from around the world received a mysterious '1' message on their devices. Samsung has since address the incident and said there's nothing to worry about.

Users reported that the source of the message came from Samsung's Find My Mobile app. It pushed out a message to people around the globe that simply said '1' twice.

The message resulted in concern from some Samsung users due to the Find My phone app's abilities to remotely locate and unlock devices. It can also alter and back up data and interfere with Samsung Pay access.

However, Samsung has now addressed the message and it apparently wasn't a security breach, but an accident that came about during internal testing.

Interestingly, the explanation was given as an answer to a user query from the Samsung Help UK Twitter account. There is yet to be a standalone tweet from this account or others, such as Samsung Mobile.

So if you received the message, there doesn't seem to be any cause for concern in regards to security. If it ever happens again we're hoping for a message that's a little more interesting, like 'u up?'

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