The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Might Have an Under-Screen Camera

By Holly Brockwell on at

Samsung has only just released the Galaxy Z Flip, but already the rumour mill is churning, trying to figure out what's next.

We know there's another Galaxy Fold on the way, although whether it'll have the same name now that it's tarnished a bit is anyone's guess. Slashgear reports that the Galaxy Fold 2 is codenamed "Champ," suggesting Samsung thinks it'll own the market. (Then again, the original Fold was codenamed 'Winner,' and look how that turned out).

We don't know much about Champ yet, but some new rumours suggest it'll have an under-screen selfie camera – not a punch-hole as on recent Samsung phones. Samsung won't be the first to show off this tech – both Xiaomi and Oppo have already demonstrated phones with in-screen cameras:

While a selfie camera that doesn't disrupt the screen is the dream, it does come with problems of its own – obviously, having a display layer over the top of the lens isn't ideal for picture quality even if said layer can let light through. It remains to be seen how Samsung will deal with this restriction on the Champ, but given that most phones have less-good front cameras already, we might have to deal with some fuzzier selfies in the name of progress.

We know the Galaxy Fold 2 will have the same body design as the original Fold, being a book-like phone that opens outwards. However, it's rumoured to have a bigger, 7.7-inch screen (the original was 7.3), and presumably will still have an outer display so it can be used in its closed form.

We're also expecting the Champ to have the same Ultra-Thin Glass as the Galaxy Z Flip, although that's had a bit of a bad rap since the latter phone's launch, with some people having problems with cracking and scratching.

The other downside of the Z Flip – the high price – is likely to apply to the Fold 2 as well. You're definitely going to need folding money if you want one. We'll keep you posted – in the meantime, start saving. [Slashgear]