Samsung Revealed the Galaxy Z Flip During an Oscars Ad, of All Places

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tomorrow night is Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, where the company is expected to tell us everything there is to know about the Galaxy S20 range and the new foldable Galaxy Z Flip (or whatever it's actually called). But it turns out Samsung jumped the gun, and in a move clearly designed to hype tomorrow's unpacked it launched an advert featuring the new foldable during last night's Oscars.

This doesn't show us much we don't already know, with a phone that features the same vertical fold as the new Motorola Razr - making it a real foldable phone rather than a foldable phablet. There's a word we haven't seen in a while, right?

There's a secondary display on the back for caller ID, though it's considerably smaller than the one on the Razr. In other words you won't be using it for selfies or anything else, and the phone does have a holepunch camera on the display for you to do that.

I see no sign of a headphone jack, either, which is another blow in that particular hardware feature's longevity.

The advert didn't tell us much else, not even the phone's name, so Samsung really wants people to tune into its Unpacked tomorrow night. It kicks off at 7pm and we'll have all the biggest news right here.