The Samsung Galaxy S20 Will be the Only New Galaxy With a 4G Variant

By Tom Pritchard on at

Samsung insists that 2020 is the year 5G becomes mainstream, declaring the expectation that the number of 5G phones will rise from one per cent of global smartphone sales all the way up to 18 per cent. That's a very big leap, and it makes you wonder how Samsung is going to try and pioneer such a big change.

Well from the looks of things it's a case of saying "you want the most advanced phone, you're getting 5G whether you want it or not". Because that's what's happening with the Galaxy S20 range.

Four Galaxy S20s are being released this time round, and in a turn of events from last year the outlier is an up-to-4G only model rather than one that's 5G capable. Because all three S20 phone will be 5G ready, and only the base S20 will be available without compatibility with the new networks.

So if you're happy with what the S20 has to offer, you get to choose whether you want to carry on using 4G for the next two to three years, or if you want to get in on 5G now. If you want the S20 Plus or S20 Ultra, you're shit out of luck. You're having 5G compatibility in your phone, and if you don't or can't use it you have no say.

What does that mean? Well it certainly means Samsung wants to make a point of saying that 5G shouldn't be an optional extra if people are going to take part. It also means that the price could easily be more than it would have been if 5G was left out. But then again there are plenty of other, lesser, features that have hiked up the price by a considerable amount more over the past few years.

Like Edge Displays, which while minimised this year are still present and are still completely useless. This is the hill I will die on.

No word on the S20 range pricing just yet, but we'll update when we know.