All the Best UK Network Deals Available for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra might not be out in the UK for over a month (!), but that isn't stopping the networks from gladly sticking up sales pages and getting you to pledge to hand over your money for Samsung's flagship flagship. After all, you can't get a pair of Galaxy Buds+ if you don't pre-order, because nobody ever thought of spending £159 to buy them on their own.

Unless otherwise stated, all contracts are 24 months long, exclude trade-in offers, and include both unlimited calls and texts.

EE has both the 128GB and 512GB S20 Ultra models, and obviously its existing 5G coverage means people might actually get to take advantage of what the networks have to offer.

The cheapest plan for the 128GB model, not including trade-ins, is the 30GB plan. That costs £74 a month with £50 upfront, and comes with no other benefits to choose from. That said, £5 a month more gets you four times as much data - with 120GB available for £79 a month and just £30 upfront.

Your cheapest Unlimited data option is £84 a month and £30 upfront, with no benefits. If you want those benefits you'll have to pay £5 more, getting three swappable benefits for £89 a month and the same £30 upfront.

The 512GB model is obviously more expensive, and your cheapest non trade-in option is £84 a month and £50 a month - which gets you 30GB of data. Again £5 more (£89 a month) gets you 120GB and lowers the upfront cost to £30. Both of those come with no other benefits to choose from.

Unlimited data costs £94 a month with £30 upfront, but if you want to get the three swappable benefits you'll need to pay £99 a month instead.

giffgaff will have the new Galaxy S20 range, but so far there's nothing on its website to let you actually buy them. That said, it won't be doing plans like other networks, and your choices are to buy one SIM free, or pay monthly using RateSetter, and then grab a goodybag plan separately.

The 128GB S20 Ultra will cost £1,199, and the 512GB S20 Ultra Will Cost £1,399.

Goodybags start at £6 a month for 500MB of data and go all the way up to £25 a month for an Always One plan - which nets you 80GB of full speed data, then reduced speeds (384kbps) between 8am and midnight afterwards.

O2 has two different versions of the S20 Ultra, offering both the 128GB and 512GB models. The deal is that you're supposed to be able to customise everything and get the plan you like. But let's have a look at the set plans, all of which are 36 months long and have a £30 upfront fee.

Your cheapest 128GB option is the 3GB plan that costs £53.50 a month. But for an extra £2 a month you can get 5GB, which is a better deal if you ask us. Unlimited data costs £67.50 a month, but you will get six months of Amazon Prime Video, Audible, or some some other subscription.

If you want the 512GB phone you'll have to spend at least £58.50 a month for the 3GB plan, but as before the 5GB plan is just £2 more. If you want unlimited data that will cost £72.50 a month, and has the same subscription options as before.

Like O2 Sky makes it simple, though there's no customisation options to enjoy. Instead the amount you pay is split between the phone and the plan, and the S20 Ultra costs £48 a month for the 128GB model and £55 a month for the 512GB.

Plan wise the cheapest you'll get is £6 a month for 1GB of data, though jumping up to £10 currently gets you 10GB a month - which is a much, much better deal for you. At the top of the line you'll pay £25 for 25GB, but beyond that there's no more data to buy.

Unfortunately Three only sells the 128GB S20 Ultra, so if you want to go for the higher storage option you're going to need to go to another network. And all four plans come with a £99 upfront fee.

The cheapest one is £60 a month which gets you the 4GB plan, while you have 12GB for £64 and £71 for 30GB. Unlimited data is half price for six months, so you pay £38.50 for the first six months and £77 for the final 18.

Again Virgin is only selling the 128GB S20 Ultra, so if you want the 512GB model with all that extra built-in storage you're going to have to head elsewhere. And here you're going to be paying a minimum of £66 a month - which only gets you 1000 minutes and 1GB of data.

But that sucks, and there are better options. £70 a month gets you 8GB and 5000 minutes, while £74 a month gets you 36GB of data and the same 5000 minutes. Of course if you're willing to pay for it, current offers get you 120GB of data for just £82 a month. That's a lot better than £90 for 100GB.

And Virgin being Virgin you can pay £92 for unlimited everything, but only if you're an existing TV or broadband customer.

Vodafone has both models of the S20 Ultra available to order right now, with prices starting at £70 a month for the 128GB model. That comes with a £149 upfront fee and 5GB of data, which honestly isn't the best. Not when you can get 20GB of data for £75 a month and £49 upfront.

If you're going top-tier you can get unlimited data (with no speed limits) for £85 a month and £29 upfront. Bump up to £91 a month and you can get a streaming package thrown in. Unlimited plans are available for less, but you end up with speed limits and those are garbage and not worth having.

Now onto the 512GB model, which is going to cost you at least £76 a month with £149 upfront. Again that's a 5GB plan, and bumping up to £81 a month lets you reduce the upfront fee to £49 and nets you 20GB of data.

Back at the top with unlimited maximum speed data you have to pay £91 a month with £29 upfront. Bump that to £97 a month and you can get streaming included as well.