Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition Revealed in Leaked Ad

By Shabana Arif on at

Samsung showed off its new foldable phone during an Oscar's ad over the weekend, but now a second as has leaked showing off a snazzy Thom Browne Edition.

Shared by Twitter user @h0x0d the ad shows what at first glance appears to be a businessman in a suit, clippity clopping along in what sounds like a pair of tap shoes, walking towards the camera while a man's voice floating around in the ether says "I'm not ready" over and over again.

It's then that the length of this guy's trousers come into focus and we realise he's probably teleported to this monochromatic realm from a catwalk somewhere. No one's sauntering around an office with their keks halfway up their shins and no socks on.

The ad is 2.20 long and about 1.20 of that is watching him traverse close in on what is revealed to be a giant waterfall with a phone suspended in the middle of it displaying the name Thom Browne, which only means something if you're already familiar with the brand that sells too-short trousers for a grand a pop.

As well as the Galaxy Z Flip, as the ad closes out, we can see a Thom Browne edition Galaxy Watch and what I'm assuming is a pair of Galaxy Buds+ which we got a look at in a lengthy hands-on video yesterday.  No doubt all of this will be revealed later because it's the big day: Samsung Unpacked is finally upon us. Be sure to join us later as we live tweet the event and play our classic game of Samsung Bingo. [Android Police]