Sky is Keeping The Simpsons, Even After Disney+ Launches

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back when Disney bought out Fox it gained the rights to a lot of stuff, including the X-Men movies, various bits of Star Wars, and also The Simpsons. The long-running animated sitcom is now a Disney property, and with the launch of Disney+ coming there were fears that the long-time Simpsons broadcaster Sky would lose control of the series. Apparently, though, this is not the case.

At least it won't be for the immediate future, according to Zai Bennett, the managing director of content for Sky UK. Speaking to the Must Watch show on BBC Five Live yesterday, Bennett confirmed that Simpsons-loving Sky customers shouldn't be worried.

We can't embed the show here, but you can listen to it over on BBC Sounds if you have an iPlayer account. Jump to 16.50 to hear him talk about Sky's relationship with Disney after the Disney+ launch.

Bennett confirmed that customers wouldn't notice much difference in terms of what they get from Sky for "the immediate term, the next year or so" and confirming that "The Simpsons is on Sky". But he didn't elaborate further than that, meaning the long-term future of The Simpsons is still in question.

It's still unclear whether the series will be on Disney+ when it launches in the UK, considering it's available in its entirety in other regions like the US (though not without its fair share of issues). In fact a lot of things are unclear, like whether The Mandalorian will be available in one go or, if everyone's suspicions are true, that it will be gradually released for no good reason.

Disney+ launches on 24th March, and is currently offering a £10 discount if you sign up by 23rd March. Sky Entertainment, which gets you Sky One and The Simpsons, costs from £21 a month. If you don't have Sky, you can also watch The Simpsons on Channel 4. [Must Watch via Trusted Reviews]