TikTok Adds Parental Controls to UK Version of App

By Gary Cutlack on at

TikTok, which as far as I can work out is some sort of proving ground for viral content before it is transferred to the more familiar legacy social networks I might actually use, is introducing parental controls to its UK app, with worrying dads now able to transfer all parental responsibilities to the reworked checkboxes within the app's Family Safety Mode.

It has been designed to help parents "keep their teens safe" while they navigate the universe of funny internet content, where old men pretending to be 13-year-old girls have eyes on eating them all up for breakfast, or at least meeting them in a motorway service station and taking them for a little drive in their work van. The controls – now able to be paired with a parent's account – include a Screen Time Management section so their exposure to the full horror of the modern world may be limited, plus there's the option to completely disable direct messages and a new Restricted Mode that attempts to filter out risque content, as if they can't already draw boobs from memory using Dua Lipa's as a template.

All dad needs to do is get it out of their hands long enough to gain access and link the child's account to his account that he registered especially for this, then pretend it isn't all entirely easily circumventable in a matter of minutes anyway.

The app is in the unusual position of trying to (pretend to?) convince users to spend less time on it in general, with another new feature – Screen Time Management in Feed – introduced to try to (pretend to?) limit overall screen time. The app maker says it is introducing "...unique and proactive in-app prompts that remind our community to be aware of the time they spend on TikTok and to encourage them to consider taking some time out," which rather sounds like it's paying its star users to make ads saying 'Put your phone down'. [TikTok]