UK Google Users are Losing EU Data Protection Because of Brexit

By Holly Brockwell on at

Now that the UK has finally got its Brexit ducks in a row (kind of), Google users will lose the data protection afforded to them by the European Union.

Google has chosen to move UK user accounts to US jurisdiction, meaning it'll be easier for authorities in the UK to get hold of your data for law enforcement purposes, and that your information will no longer be protected by the EU's stringent rules including GDPR.

The US's data protection rules are considered some of the loosest in the world, and there's no equivalent of GDPR. The Trump administration recently passed the US Cloud Act, which will help law enforcement in the UK get hold of user data from US companies.

It's currently not clear whether post-Brexit Britain will continue to use the GDPR rules, or set up something of its own (oh god).

There's no Google statement on the decision, but former Global Lead of Privacy Technology at the company told Techradar:

"There’s a bunch of noise about the UK government possibly trading away enough data protection to lose adequacy under GDPR, at which point having them in Google Ireland’s scope sounds super messy.

Never discount the desire of tech companies not to be caught in between two different governments."

Google users will have to accept new terms of service, including the jurisdiction change, to continue using their Google services. Do you think other tech companies will be next to make the move? Let us know in the comments. [Techradar]