Petrol and Diesel Ban Could Move Forward to a Mere 12 Years Away

By Gary Cutlack on at

Clarkson's gone red in the face again, but don't panic JC fans, it's only from anger rather than any pulmonary distress, as news has broken today that the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel-engined cars could be brought forward once again.

It was only brought forward recently, when 2035 became the new ideal cut-off date for selling ICE cars; ahead of the original plan for it to be 2040. But now transport secretary Grant Shapps has decided that it may be possible to shave a further three years off the target and aim for 2032. That's only 12 years away and quite easy to imagine being alive to see, and perhaps even Clarkson might last that long if he listens to what his doctor says and holds off on the fifth breakfast sausage and introduces a vegetable to his daily routine.

Shapps was talking to BBC Radio 5 Live when he said the ban could hit much earlier than 2035, palming the ultimate decision off to the results of a consultation on changes and the ifs and whens of what the auto industry may agree to or at least yield to. The Department for Transport clarified the boss's statement and said an earlier-than-2035 date would happen if agreed to be feasible by those consulted. [BBC]