Chinese Ambassador Says UK Politicians Railing Against Huawei is a "Witch-Hunt"

By Shabana Arif on at

In case you'd missed it, the UK is a-okay with Huawei being involved with its 5G network - so long as its equipment isn't used in the core infrastructure. But people still aren't happy and China is sick of it.

When the PM made his decision at the end of the month, a contingent in the Tory party wasn't happy, despite the measures put in place to limit access of "high risk" vendors in the UK's 5G network. The disgruntled MPs have since signed a letter egging on the rest of the Conservative party to rise up against the decision, with Iain Duncan Smith going so far as to say he believes that Huawei is "totally and utterly in the hands of the Chinese government".

All of this finger-pointing isn't sitting well with China's ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, who has called all of this a witch-hunt.

Speaking to the BBC, he said:

"I think what they are doing is a kind of a witch-hunt. Huawei is a private-owned company, nothing to do with the Chinese government... the only problem they have is they are a Chinese company. That's the problem...

"Huawei is an independent company, and they are the leader in this area."

However, he went on to criticise the market share cap of 35 per cent for not upholding the spirit of "free economy". In the face the push-back Johnson is receiving, Mr. Liu said:

"The UK can only be great when it has own independent foreign policy. I hope the prime minister will stay with the decision because I think it's in interest of the UK and maintaining Britain's image as most open and free market economy in the world."

It seems the current restrictions, while meant to keep everyone happy, are still ruffling feathers, but until there's a viable alternative that won't slow down the roll-out of 5G, it seems like the best option for now. [BBC News]