You Get How Many First Class Stamps for 76p Now?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The tiny group of people who know what the price of a stamp is because they're mental and buy them individually for something to do are about to be outraged, as Royal Mail is about to increase the cost of its first and second class options by vastly more per cent than inflation or any normal measure.

If you just internally guessed a first class stamp for a letter costs about 36p you haven't paid attention since 2005, as the current price of one single top tier stamp is 70p – and that's about to rise to 76p from March 23. That's only a small amount in hard maths less than 10 per cent. Second class stamps for people not in a hurry to get the cheque to the garage are increasing in price too, going up from 61p to 65p; the latter price being the absolute maximum that the Ofcom price cap allows, to maintain some pretence of affordability in the cost of letter sending.

Royal Mail says "...we have considered any pricing changes very carefully" but whacking nearly ten per cent on the cost of a first class stamp says something more akin to "we considered it but ended up realising we didn't care," plus we're supposed to be sad that Royal Mail says it's working in a "challenging business environment" and still has to take internet deliveries down Cornish lanes, so boo hoo for it. [Royal Mail]