UK University Staff Start Two-Week Strike

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's even less urgency to get to lectures than usual in many of the UK's universities this week, thanks to strike action by as many as 50,000 staff – from librarians to lecturers – calling for better treatment by those that own and manage the campuses.

The action is being coordinated by the University and College Union, which says staff at 74 universities are now beginning their 14-days of strikes, which may impact on as many as 1.2 million students. That could result in 1.2 million hours of work being lost each day. Staff complaints are your usual basket of modern workplace issues surrounding pay, pensions, conditions, hours and equality, hinging on the key claim that overall average pay for everyone but the top brass has fallen by 17 per cent in real-terms over the past decade.

Some of the grandest and poshest names are on the UCU's list of participating strike sites, including the King's and Imperial colleges of London – both only striking over the pension issues – the Royal College of Art (pay and conditions) and Goldsmiths College (pensions and pay). [UCU via Guardian]

Image credit: Twitter