Vodafone Brings 5G and Unlimited Data to Pay as You Go

By Tom Pritchard on at

Vodafone has been offering 5G and unlimited data for a while, but you always had to sign up for a pay-monthly contract to take advantage of either of those perks. Now, though, Vodafone is bringing them out for pay as you go customers, so you can enjoy faster speeds and more data too without being tied into a contract.

Naturally you will need a 5G phone and a 5G PAYG plan. Those start at £30 a month, which gets you 60GB of data, unlimited texts, and 3,000 minutes. If you want unlimited data you'll need to pay £40, which gets you unlimited everything. It's a lot more than the Unlimited Max Plans offered on pay monthly contracts, but the point here is supposed to be flexibility.

And the 5G doesn't cost any extra, so you're not being penalised for wanting to do your downloading a little bit faster.

Vodafone also offers roaming on these plans, which includes 5G if you're going to an area with the new networks, though any data allowances you have will be limited to 25GB when you're there.

Vodafone UK Chief Executive Officer Nick Jeffery said:

“We want to enable our customers to do what they want when they want – our Unlimited plans do just that. Launching a contract-free 5G Unlimited plan will give more people the opportunity to experience the next generation of speed and connectivity without being committed to a contract – giving them the power to be as flexible as they want.”

You can check out all of Vodafone's PAYG phones and plans right here.