Voxi's New Data Promo Means More Data Without Higher Prices

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you like data, but can't justify the money needed to get a unlimited plan, this might just be worth your interest. Voxi, the 'youth' brand run by Vodafone, is now running a data promo that means you pay the same amount of money and wind up with more data than is normally on offer. Which is always nice, to be honest.

So what's on offer? Well, the £10 a month plan gets you 8GB of data instead of the usual 6GB, £15 gets you 20GB instead of the usual 15GB, and the £20 a month plan still offers 45GB - so no change there. You can also get unlimited data for £30 a month, which is a special introductory price. That plan also includes 5G, which isn't mentioned elsewhere.

Voxi being Voxi, these plans also mean you get unlimited use of social media apps, none of which use up any of your existing data allowances. That specifically includes Facebook (and Messenger), WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, so any other social apps you like using will still eat through those bytes. This perk isn't available on the unlimited data plans, but since your data is unlimited anyway it doesn't matter.

Contracts also include unlimited calls and texts, and you're not tied into anything for more than a single month - meaning you can cancel without penalty whenever you like.

Oh and you can roam in Europe as much as you like, partly because the networks had to let you do that, and also because we haven't lost that particular EU membership perk just yet.

Offers all end on 19th February. Except the Unlimited data plan which has the unhelpful end date of 'Feb 2020'.