Wales Plans to Take the Lead in Hydrogen Energy

By Gary Cutlack on at

Money is being put into various hydrogen energy schemes in Wales, in the hope that the country's blend of bountiful natural resources and heavy industry make it an ideal place to innovate in making things and houses use the clean alternative energy of a possible future.

Wales already has a Hydrogen Centre where people mess about with the gas, and now it has the Wales Hydrogen Trade Association to further push efforts, and we would imagine to help local businesses get their grant funding applications in, seeing as there's the promise of new money afoot.

Dr Jenifer Baxter from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers told the BBC exactly what Wales might do with hydrogen in the future, and said: "There are potential connections between everything from production using by-products of industry, anaerobic digestion and gas using CCS [carbon capture and storage] – perhaps with storage offered in Haverfordwest – to end uses in our heating systems, Transport for Wales, and even a chance to work with our engine expertise to look into how we could create a fuel cell centre of excellence."

Guto Owen from the WHTA put it simpler, saying hydrogen's the future for the tough-to-decarbonise worlds of heating and industry. And maybe also transport, although electricity seems to be winning that one by a mile at the moment. [BBC]