Where and When You Can Buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

After all that leaking and all the speculation, Samsung finally announced the foldable flip phone, the Galaxy Z Flip. It's coming out really soon too, far sooner than anyone anticipated: it hits the US, Korea, and the UK this Friday. That's only two days away! Obviously if you want one you're going to have to figure out where you can buy it, since it's not going to be on sale in every phone shop across the country. Let's take a look.


Samsung already has the phone available for pre-order, ready for Friday's release date. It will cost you £1,300 SIM free, or you can get it on a two-year finance agreement for £54.17 a month. It's a lot to cough up in one go, but it does mean you get an unlocked phone to use on whatever network you like.

Release date is Friday, so if you order soon it should arrive sometime after that. Maybe even Friday itself if you're lucky.


EE has had such a big part in selling foldable phones so far, did you think they'd let the Z Flip pass them by? Hell no! EE has confirmed it will have the phone in store from Friday, though pricing isn't going to be announced until then from the sounds of things.


O2 has also confirmed that it will be stocking the Z Flip, but there will be more details announced about the plans and availability on Friday. Until then you'll just have to gawp at the S20 range

So who's not selling it?

Vodafone has confirmed that it has no immediate plans to sell the Galaxy Z Flip, and when I asked Three the PR person on the phone said they'd check and hasn't got back to me yet. So it's hard luck for Vodafone loyalists, and it's not looking good for Three either - though I imagine things could change in the future. Your only option is to pick up the phone directly from Samsung, where it won't be locked to a network, and slap in your existing SIM card. The Z Flip does have a nano SIM card slot, after all, so you won't be stuck with an eSIM you can't activate.

The smaller networks have made no mention of the Z Flip either, though I imagine the chances of them picking it up are even less than Three and Vodafone simply because the Z Flip is a very niche product. With the S20 range also on the way, and the high probability that those devices will sell better, their priorities are most likely elsewhere.

We will update this page if anything changes, or any traditional retailers start stocking the device. Make sure to check back in on Friday when we will have a rundown of all the best Galaxy Z Flip deals.