Amazon Prime is Letting You Stream Some of its Kids' Shows for Free

By Shabana Arif on at

With the closure of schools and a general lockdown in place, you might be stuck for ideas on how to entertain the more tiny, boisterous members of the family, but Amazon is on hand to help.

The company is currently lifting the Prime paywall for some of it kids' content, so you can sit your little gremlins down in front of the telly for a bit and get a minute's peace. You can head over to the Prime Video site to check out what's on offer. Amazon has helpfully segregated its programming into shows for preschool children, shows for ages 8-11, and kids favourites. With no possessive apostrophe. But that's not important.

The range of content includes... a bunch of stuff I've never heard of before. But if you have children, I'm sure you've spent many a joyous hour watching the likes of In the Night Garden (looks terrifying), Jessy and Nessy, and Pete the Cat. The only caveat is that you be an Amazon customer, which costs nothing. If you don't already have an Amazon account, pop over to the site and make one. A Prime subscription won't be necessary.

Amazon has more free family-friendly content on the way, although this won't just be aimed at babies, as is the case with what's on offer right now. So keep an eye out for something you might not actually mind watching with them. [TechRadar]