Apple TV Plus Lowers Streaming Quality to "Worst of the Lot -1"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple's high-end streaming service for people who must have the best is now worse, slightly, as the company has joined in the fun of reducing the quality of the video streams it offers so it can say it's trying to help maintain the internet quality of the newly sealed-off population.

Apple TV Plus, which I have definitely heard of before today and use very often indeed and know all about, usually broadcasts its shows – all of which I have seen many times on my compatible devices – at 4K resolution, to match the aspirational displays of its base of users; who I want to imagine all work as architects and wear irritating glasses with white frames, but have no way of proving.

Fan site 9to5Mac appears to have an account and is horrified by the resulting uncommonly low bitrate aesthetic now blighting its screens, saying the result is "heavily compressed with visibly blocky artifacts" and that Apple appears to be using a "particularly aggressive" form of compression. I, as a regular user who knows all about it, shall investigate further. [9to5Mac via TR]