Baby Yoda the T-Shirt, Baby Yoda the Colouring Book, Baby Yoda the Lunchbox, Baby Yoda the Breakfast Cereal, Baby Yoda...the Waffle Maker?

By James Whitbrook on at

No. We would not like to eat the Baby.

Much like the unstoppable encroach of the unforgiving, inevitable mistress that is linear time, society’s craving for Baby Yoda merchandise has brought us to another unyielding moment on the march towards All Things Baby Yoda. We’ve had the truly, truly awful t-shirts. We’ve had the Funko Pop. We’ve had the promise of toys, endless toys, from Lego, to action figures, to scarily emotive animatronic dolls, to be enjoyed by all, for Baby Yoda cares not who embraces him, but only that he is embraced. And now, we have this:

How long until someone forces Werner Herzog to eat this? (Image: GameStop)

A waffle maker.

As well as being clad in Baby Yoda green, the waffle maker is resplendent with a sticker of the Child himself on its top, hovering around in his adorable little space-bassinet. But – if that was not enough for you to consider this waffle maker to be truly worthy of Baby Yoda – note that the waffles it forges, much like a Mandalorian shapes beskar, are emblazoned with sear marks creating the likeness of Baby Yoda directly into your carbs.

Frankly, it looks more like this machine creates Baby Yoda the pancake – or, perhaps, depending on where you’re from, Baby Yoda, la crêpe – than it does Baby Yoda the Waffle. But, should you ever look at your breakfast and desire (nay, yearn) that your waffles could be imprinted with the visage of Baby Yoda, but perhaps most importantly, the title card of his TV show, The Mandalorian, because you could always use some more brands (literal brands!) in your diet, then rejoice! Now there is a product for you, and your distressingly specific tastes.

Should you get tired of your Baby Yoda waffle-pancake-crêpes maybe, as our friends over at Skillet suggest, you could consider more avant-garde usages of your Baby Yoda Waffle Maker. Baby Yoda Stuffing Waffles? Absolutely. Baby Yoda Mashed Potato Waffles? Of course! Baby Yoda Waffle Meatloaf Sandwich? Pigs in a Baby Yoda Duvet Cover? Baby Yoda seared Spam? The possibilities are endless.

The Baby Yoda Waffle Maker – which is exclusive to, of all places, the US-based games retail chain GameStop – will cost $40 (£31) when it arrives this September. But your Baby Yoda waffle-based dreams, my friends? Those are priceless.

Featured image: Gamestop