Marginally Greener Petrol Likely to Hit UK Pumps From 2021

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government has opened up a consultation over a new blend of petrol that may vaguely help save some small part of the planet, as it's looking at doubling the amount of bioethanol that's mixed in to regular fuels.

Currently, the UK's pumps dispense a blend of petrol that contains 5 per cent bioethanol; the consultation asks if we could and should up this to 10 per cent and brand the resulting product as E10 fuel. We can then say we are doing something and feel slightly better about eyeing up new SUV leases. We are also likely to agree with the idea, as the 10 per cent ethanol blend is already on sale in many other countries without much complaint or trouble; plus the numbers say such a move would cut 750,000 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere each year, and it'd be a brave anonymous man on the internet who'd say that's a bad thing to do.

The only complaint or trouble is likely to be kicked up by owners or ageing classic vehicles, who'd find they have to use a more specialist, legacy nozzle, and probably pay a bit more for the privilege of fuelling the weekend convertible. [GOV via BBC]