BrewDog Distillery Joins the Wave of Companies Switching to Making Hand Sanitiser

By Shabana Arif on at

BrewDog - who you may remember from its half meat, half plant-based burger, or alcohol-free bar - has decided to do a bit of good during the coronavirus pandemic, and brew up some hand sanitiser that it'll be giving away for free.

The brewery made the announcement on Twitter this week, saying that it would be making its new Punk Sanitiser at its distillery in Scotland. In a follow-up tweet, it clarified that it would be giving it away for free "to those who need it."

BrewDog says its “working around the clock on producing the first batch to have it available for next week” after which it'll be distributed to charities and the local community. It's not the first company to use its distillery to cook up hand sanitiser; Bristol gin distillery, Psychopomp & Circumstance, is doing the same, allowing locals to come and fill up on hand sanitiser for free.

HMRC is currently prioritising applications to use denatured alcohol in hand sanitising products, with a spokesperson saying:

"By enabling the fast-tracking of authorisations to use denatured alcohol, we are providing manufacturers with the potential to produce the extra hand sanitiser gel needed during the coronavirus outbreak. We hope that this will provide manufacturers with the support they need to meet the sudden increase in demand for their products.

"HMRC will continue to work with the industry to ensure we are taking all possible steps to support production."

So if you're all out of hand sanitiser, head to your local bar and see what's up. Or, you know, wash your bloody hands. [The Guardian]