This Website Generates Hilariously Accurate Fake British Dishes

By Holly Brockwell on at

OK, don't get all Brexit on me, but British food names are weird. Come on, they are. Toad in the hole? Rarebit? Neeps and tatties? As with our place names, the rest of the world looks at our menus and just goes "WTF?"

To highlight this, coder Steve Brazier (known as MeadSteve) has made a website that randomly generates you a new British dish. And let us tell you, not one of them sounds appetising.

Not even this one (it was fine until it got to the bit about deep-fried pig skin):

The website uses a markov chain and a database of bits of real British food names. There's a writeup here about how it all works if you fancy building something similar.

In the meantime, we're off for a jellied glory.

Main image (they're jellied eels FYI): SecretLondon123 via Flickr Creative Commons.