BT is Launching Gigabit Broadband Across the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in July 2018 Virgin started rolling out Gigabit internet to various parts of the UK, meaning the select few that could get it and afford it could enjoy absurd internet speeds. Now BT is following suit, by launching its own Gigabit services for home broadband customers - which it promises will be "the UK’s fastest home broadband provider in more places than any another (sic)".

BT is promising that the new faster broadband speeds will be available in over two million households in "hundreds of cities, towns, and villages across the UK." That includes London (duh), Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Belfast, Bristol, Leeds, and Cardiff.

BT is also promising that average speeds are up to 25 times faster than the Superfast fibre plan which offers a 50Mbps average speed. That would be an average of 1,250 Mbps if those figures are to be believed, which is rather a lot.

Pricing details have yet to be announced, though BT promises the plan is designed to "future proof" the home connection ready for the future of high bandwidth services and connected home devices. Obviously that means its not scrimping on the upload speeds, though there's no information on average speeds right now. Just that it's "ultrafast".

You can register your interest in the "full fibre" plan (as it seems to be known) over on the BT website. That way you'll get to find out how horrendously expensive it is before anyone else.