Channel 4 Adds Constant "Stay at Home" Message to All Channels

By Gary Cutlack on at

Repeats of whatever lighthearted bullshit Channel 4 shows all day across its main and catch-up/hits channels are about to be joined by a grim new on-screen message warning viewers to stay inside. Yes, even during the adverts. Yes, even if you can usually get to the shop in one minute in your pyjamas.

All Channel 4 channels now feature the text "Stay at Home" next to the classic 4 logo, in a move that would've infuriated TV purists and given them something to get angry about, had it happened at any other time over the last couple of decades. Now, though, it's for everyone's own good, and it'd be a brave broadcasting enthusiast indeed who complains about it being marginally distracting during Hollyoaks.

Channel 4 said: "During this unprecedented national crisis we want to use our reach with mass audiences, particularly with young and hard to reach viewers, to spread this vital public health message and remind everyone to follow the latest advice and stay at home." [RXTV]