There's Now a Website to Tell You if Stuff's Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

By Holly Brockwell on at

We love single-serving web stuff like 'Is Today Ted Danson's Birthday?' and now we have a new favourite: Is It Cancelled Yet, an amalgamation of all the stuff that's getting cancelled because of the new coronavirus.

There's an impressive amount of stuff on there, including some sly jokes (Google Reader was not cancelled due to COVID-19, but it is indeed cancelled. Sob) and snark at Coachella.

Some of the entries have the words "uh oh" with a link to an article suggesting they're going to be cancelled or postponed, the rest just have yes or no.

Created by TC Sottek of The Verge, the site has a disclaimer reminding you that it's "not a comprehensive guide to all human gatherings on planet earth," but it seems like the choosing beggars have flooded in nonetheless:

You can find out if you or your conference are cancelled yet at (American spelling is not listed on the site but we're officially cancelling it after that URL. Tut).

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels